• Machining Solutions' courses offer total knowledge for every manufacturing role. Learning , programming, working like on a real CNC machine tool.
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With unique classes in multiple languages, Machining Solutions offer a full range of content to train people throughout your organization. Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of machine operators, welders, assemblers, inspectors, and maintenance professionals. And, classes contain CNC knowledge-based exercises, video, and interactive labs and simulators to engage students and reinforce key concepts. Machining Solutions offers The most powerful and comprehensive CNC machine tool that is adapted for real world needs.

Course Curriculum includes:
• Job shop Programming for Multi-Side and Complete Mill-Turn Machining with TopMill and TopTurn for every CNC
• MillTurnSim Machining Space & Material Removal Simulation
• Measuring of work piece for quality assurance purposes
• TopMill and TopTurn fast Set-up and Tooling - As on a real machine tool TopMill and TopTurn have to be set-up for machining.
• Programming - TopTurn and TopMill offer different jobshop programming modes. These modes are:
- Interactive programming
- Use of an NC editor
- Dialog mode programming
- Use of a geometry editor
- Teach-in operation