Machining Training Solutions offers the most advanced industry-driven CNC simulation-based training system in the U.S. enabling students to master unlimited machining operations and tooling utilized in actual machine shops.

  • MTS™ Service Brochure
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    Here you will find details on all of the diverse services and training that MTS™ can offer with world class programming capabilities and exceptional ease of use. Simulation technology can be utilized 24/7 and is continuously updated as technology improves.

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  • MTS™ Software Overview
    LEARN more about our proprietary software and training

    MTS™ is now being offered for the first time in the U.S., which can serve as the foundation of your indivdual or group’s CNC and advanced manufacturing curriculum, find out how we use advanced simulation tools to train thousands of future workers.

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  • MTS™ training benchmarks
    specific training standards for TopTurn and TopMill

    You will find a list of the skills one will master through our TopTurn & TopMill training tools, to compliment products MTS develops CNC teach-ware and training like programming manuals, exercises, curricula, and new product CNC E-Learning modules.

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    WE VIEW our CLIENTELE AS a crucial link in OUR effective CNC training.

    We are proud to work with an incredible range of companies and educational institutions. Our clients represent numerous industrial markets, from aerospace and defense, government. to automotive and heavy equipment, to energy and medical devices, etc.

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Our Services
  • What we provide

    German "Gold Standard" simulation software for CNC training

  • Helping you build the fundemantal infrastructure for CNC training:

    Cooperative partnership with educational institutions looking to expand their scope of their offering.

  • Ensuring Success

    Hands on training at an off-site facility equipped with state of the art CNC machines.

Learn real-world milling and turning in a virtual environment. A turnkey solution for an advanced manufacturing CNC programming curriculum, eliminating the need to purchase expensive equipment.

OUR Focus
  • To ensure that our content completely addresses industry-recognized knowledge requirements Machining Training Solutions’ activities focus firstly on the software packages presented here: Mekams, MillTurnSim, TopCAM, TopCAT, TopTurn and TopMill, representing the results of 25 years continued further development, and secondly, on project-oriented.
    Al Stimac, President and CEO of Machining Solutions
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